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Programa de pós-graduação em História Social

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The Social History Graduate Program  of the School of Teacher Education at the  Rio de Janeiro State University , São Gonçalo, is based on a concentration area – Social History of the Territory – and three lines of research: Territory, Power Relations and Social Movements; Territory, Identities, and Representations; and Historiography and History Teaching. Territory is understood as a social space that encompasses from local to global networks, from movements, agents, and institutions to forms of symbolic construction, representation, and appropriation, from Colonial Brazil to Republican Brazil. The course was created in 2006 and is recognized by the Ministry of Education with grade 4 in the last Triennial Assessment (2013/2016) of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES). It is intended for people with degrees in History and related fields.


Prof.. Dra. Helenice Rocha

Assistant Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Gelsom Rozentino

Secretary:  Cristina Belmont

Scholarship Commission:  Helenice Rocha, Ana Paula and Izabel Pimentel,  Luiza Tonon da Silva  (PhD student representative) and  Gustavo Nascimento Rocha Dias   (Master student representative)

Management Commission: Gelsom Rozentino, Ana Carolina Huguenin, Joana Bahia, Vanessa Mendonça Leite ( representative student  masters) and Rafael Monteiro de Oliveira Cintra  (representative student PhD)

Student Representative Master:
Gustavo Nascimento Rocha Dias – August 2019 / July 2020

Student Representative Doctorate degree:
Rafael Monteiro de Oliveira Cintra – August 2019 / July 2020


Address: Rua Dr Francisco Portela, 1470 – Patronato, São Gonçalo/RJ CEP: 24435-005
 +55 (21) 3705-4631 / 3705-2227, Ramal 273
Secretariat Office Hours:
 Monday to Friday – 8h to 16h